ficus sutra two

ficus sutra two

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  1. maria Says:

    He is an animal and he is a plant, walking on two feet with a glorious tail.

  2. memexikon Says:

    The collective is about moving forward thru liana & deep grove—moving! as! if! yesterday! got! forgotten!

  3. Zon Says:

    it looks like a print made with a layer of suger.

    is it just a photoshop effect?

  4. memexikon Says:

    it is created in photoshop, but I think what yr seeing is that the glyphs are from really bad blurry documentation photos I scanned at 500%. then I’ve degraded the rest of the background of the image (the symbols, which are from about 2500 BC indus valley & untranslated) are on medallions. so I’ve done a bunch of permutations with hue, saturation, contrast & blur to retain as much of the symbols as I could.

  5. maria Says:

    Sweetness the medium of whispered transmission, from the fig-deity to the starving imaginary.

  6. memexikon Says:

    Assembling for the privilege of knowing small truths, discretion among the honorees leading single-file the nose of spiritual discipline.

  7. maria Says:

    Sugar and seed, dust and pollen drench the opening mind.

  8. memexikon Says:

    Gnosis-being inside ficus religiosa without human body or the five earthly senses (even tho the glyph is marked otherwise).

  9. maria Says:

    Nothing blossoms, nothing fruits forth, nothing tastes and nothing writes its bliss, because the communication between fig and hand is unutterably perfect.

  10. memexikon Says:

    Land of 10,000 groves swept away, fish-wealth becomes unchecked expansion, the spirit of belonging becomes the hazard of having.

  11. maria Says:

    Dispersal of elements as spores is all to the good, ultimately. But concentration of elements as sweetness and seed-plenty is also good.

  12. memexikon Says:

    Taste of fresh fig is as close to paradise is as close to the moment of earthly onward is something so sweet dripping—dripping down.

  13. maria Says:

    Teeth against fig-flesh, fresh explosion under an effulgent sun.

  14. memexikon Says:

    Thieves cover themselves in leaves only to erase the mantras the onlookers swore to remember.

  15. maria Says:

    Under the eaves and the leaves and the shadows and the sheets, the thief-lovers swore and eternal return through reckless propagation, sneaking between the delicate root systems of grape, fig and oak.

  16. memexikon Says:

    Lifting the weight of yesterday bound by the confines of tomorrow a crow & a soldier cross the river—hopscotch on rocks & islands of red red clay.

  17. maria Says:

    Fig-wine lustrous in the tumbler, fig-seeds sticky in the mouth, fig-leaves hand-like welcome strangers to the grove of shaded river.

  18. memexikon Says:

    A jingle of shells spilled onto the table, a seer reading a precautionary tale, a spray of cardamon freshly cut, how one ascendant pokes at the holes in the universe.

  19. maria Says:

    Neither staying nor going, the river waters its algebraic roots, sinking beneath itself through its porous skin to feed the unfurling tendrils.

  20. memexikon Says:

    Small world of one man’s mind described in unknowable terms, jagannivaasa* paataala**, leaving, always leaving the followers behind.

    *refuge of this world

  21. maria Says:

    In a world of hooks and loops the jaguar slinks through groves of plenty.

  22. memexikon Says:

    Deva-short-of-breath awake through the night, dream-bovine from another village crashing through tangle of undergrowth.

  23. maria Says:

    Remembers the depth of breath, tendencies tamed, startling starlight agaze with peaceful self-reproach, recovers equanimity in light-dappled sleep-space.

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