ficus sutra one

ficus sutra one

ficus sutra one

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  1. memexikon Says:

    Sitting quietly for many years the man accesses his X-space.

  2. maria Says:

    Leaved, symmetrical, carefully x-bitten, an O-mind inscribed for an age to come.

  3. memexikon Says:

    Sitting, sitting next the eschelon of simple pauses, between which clarity clears.

  4. maria Says:

    Leaf stitched on leaf, sutra sutured, breath plied on breath, bones piled on bones.

  5. memexikon Says:

    All things lead to a man in repose, ancient one with words.

  6. maria Says:

    The meditator disappears into the leaf on whose surface he is super-imposed.

  7. memexikon Says:

    On the link to his image imagined otherwise, distant flower flying lotus—

  8. maria Says:

    arms stitched with gold, scarred with the writing knife.

  9. memexikon Says:

    exist the stillness, mind the naming all things syllabic, certainty with suture

  10. maria Says:

    and melting into the surface on which he is inscribed.

  11. memexikon Says:

    the nature-other random quiet-sitting is attainment—last ficus in the grove suitable for leafbook

  12. maria Says:

    The book of leaves unfolds as a breathing man, luxuriating in simplicity.

  13. memexikon Says:

    s-glyph could only be water replenishing the cistern, curving carving the terrain.

  14. maria Says:

    Free from fear, the vine twines ’round the fig tree in its serene pot.

  15. memexikon Says:

    All things wound inextricably around that which is most beyond grasp.

  16. maria Says:

    Gold leaf leaves the stained mouth brilliant with its dust.

  17. memexikon Says:

    fish eye of god-seething spirit alabaster—standing aside & beneath

  18. maria Says:

    light is breathing golden fire in golden orbit

  19. memexikon Says:

    quiet power sleeps in the feet of the beholder at slumber amid the ashvattha grove

  20. maria Says:

    Whosoever eats of the fig is impregnated by the fig-deity

  21. memexikon Says:

    a day as long as a year & a year which lasts a moment | of the tree

  22. maria Says:

    A year is sleeping inside the moment; a fig is sleeping inside the golden leaf; a god is sleeping inside the sitting man.

  23. memexikon Says:

    Symbol for money tumbles inside its vessel, the space inside of which contains all space known or unknown.

  24. maria Says:

    I can barely apprehend letter-like shapes in golden fire…come down, golden dove, and bring the whispered transmission in your flight

  25. memexikon Says:

    Instructions will be passed silently before the heat of the day—each day a medallion of several signs prepared by quiet contemplation.

  26. maria Says:

    Meaning is generated in breathing; love is mastered in signs inlaid with symbols.

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